Faviana’s Guide To The Perfect Boho Makeup

Are you a free spirit? Are you digging the boho trend? Do you love expressing yourself? If so, keep reading Faviana’s Guide to the Perfect Boho Makeup. It will showcase the perfect ways to catch this trend with self expression. #CelebrateYourself

1. A Dewy Face

BOHO Makeup | Dewy Skin | Faviana

With a boho style makeup look, the base is super natural. Start off by spraying a rose water all over your face. Then, apply a hydrating moisturizer. After that, let it soak in for about 2-3 minutes. Next, apply a non-matte foundation. If you have oily skin, go for a combination foundation. This is perfect so you can still achieve a dewy finish. Finish your dewy skin off with a finishing spray or the rose water will work as well.

2. Strobing

Faviana's Guide To The Perfect Boho Makeup |Strobing

You might ask, “What is strobing?” Strobing, AKA the new contouring. It’s when you wear a heavy highlight on the highest point of your face. This creates a more natural contour. So it’s perfect for this boho inspired makeup look. We love it because you can accomplish it very easily – just follow the guide. If you have trouble, no worries, just check out our Beginners Guide to Strobing. It gives the natural makeup look a perfect finish. Not to mention, great for pictures.


Glam Makeup | Cheeks | Faviana

This look gives you a glow and we all know how essential blush is to a makeup look. Here’s a twist: use a bronzer for your blush. This will give the face a beautiful glow that will have you turning heads. Try a bronzer that is more orange-toned or pinky-toned. Stay away from the ashy-tones as they will take away from the glow we are trying to achieve.

4. Eyes

BOHO Makeup | Eyes | Faviana

This is where the self expression comes into play. Be creative. If you want a natural eye, make it natural. If you want flowers, create flowers. And, if you want color, add color. Own it. This will give your look a unique vibe. Finish off the eyes with curling your eyelashes and applying a light coat of mascara. If you want a little extra on the lashes, go for a falsie that compliments the look.

5. Lips

BOHO Makeup |Lip|Faviana

To keep this look seemingly effortless, stay neutral on the lip.  Grab your favorite nude and apply some gloss on top. Nothing too crazy. Remember, we are going for a boho, effortless, and chic look. Having a neutral lip will bring the whole look together beautifully. Trust me!

Not only is this Boho Makeup look so on trend, it’s a great look for so many different occasions. It will go perfectly with a long flowy chiffon dress like Faviana style 7747 and some bohemian styled braids. The occasions that you can wear this look are endless from prom to a summer wedding and even a themed party.

I hope you decided to try out any of these tips. We want to know if you are loving this boho trend as much as we are! And if you like this look and decide to try it out, make sure to tag us on our social media. On Instagram @faviana_NY  or @glamandgowns #Faviana #CelebrateYourself




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