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4 Fabulous Ways to Arrive To Prom In Style


Some of the most fun pictures you will take at prom is of the arrival! It is so exciting and glamorous to pull up in a fabulous car, in your fabulous dress. While a limo is a fun and glam way to arrive at prom, it is a bit been there done that. How about some other ways to arrive to prom? From horse-drawn carriages to vintage cars, here at Faviana we have found some fun unique ways for you and your date, or best friends, to Arrive at Prom in Style.

Party Bus

Do you have a big group of friends headed to prom? A party bus is sure to start off your prom night in the most fun way possible. You can easily seat several friends in a party bus, and relax on comfy seats while jamming out to your favorite songs. This is also a good way to ensure all of your friends arrive at the same time, so no photo opportunities are missed!

Vintage Car

If you are a car enthusiast, or just appreciate a cute car, this could be perfect for you and your date to arrive in style. Look into renting, or borrowing, a vintage car for your grand entrance. If you already picked out your prom accent color, or have your prom dress already, it could be really fun to arrive in a car that matches that color. One word of advice, a convertible is fabulous, but, keep that top up till you are arriving at the entrance or you could damage your gorgeous updo! Remember to pack spare bobby pins and hairspray in case there is a crisis.

Horse and Carriage

Arriving at prom in a horse drawn carriage is the epitome of old-fashioned style. Look into finding somewhere that you can rent a carriage to drop you at prom, and check if they would be willing to decorate the carriage in your prom colors! Make sure to look into the company you rent from, to ensure the horses are treated kindly, and that you know they are licensed.


While not the most glamorous way to arrive, it is certainly the most cost efficient. And as NYC style influencers and bloggers will tell you, Uber is the best way to get around any city. Uber also has a setting where you can book a car in advance, which is perfect for ensuring a speedy arrival. See if you can convince your driver to open your door, in exchange for a hefty tip!

No matter how you arrive at prom, it will be an amazing night. Make sure to take as many pictures as possible, and have the time of your life!

How are you planning to arrive at prom? Do you have any last minute tips for places to rent a fun vehicle? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.



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