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Faviana’s Debs Ball Style Guide


Prom, homecoming, formal, DEBS!, regardless of what they’re called, every school dance is a sentimental occasion for girls and guys all over the world. If you’ve ever been to an Irish Deb, or you’re gearing up for one, you know that these over the top parties are an essential rite-of-passage. Here is Faviana’s Debs Ball Style Guide with trends that are sure to make your coveted night that much more special!

The Halter Look

Faviana Style 11014

When you’re shopping for Debs dresses with your girls, a gorgeous halter gown is sure to catch your eye. Halter gowns are great for any occasion where you’ll find yourself on the dance floor all night. No need to worry about that dress falling down mid-dance battle, our Faviana Style 11014 dress has got you covered. Not only will you feel secure, but this halter neckline is super flattering on every body type! Plus, the geometric detailing is that little extra something that’ll bring your look to the next level!

Complete the look:

With a high neckline, a popular Debs Ball look is a sleek topknot or a low bun at the nape of your neck. By keeping your hair up and out of your face, you’ll elongate your neck and get to show off your beautiful dress! For some added edge, complete your look with a bold smoky eye. When your friends see your completed look, they’ll be jealous they didn’t think of it first!

Taking the Plunge

Take a walk on the wild side in a plunging neckline! A simple silhouette such as Faviana Style 11010 is perfect for the girl who’s not afraid to bare some skin. This gorgeous black dress wirh a deep neckline is old-school elegance that is bound to make a statement! When you step out of that limo or bus with your closest friends, you’ll feel like a celebrity walking the red carpet!

Complete the look:

Beach waves with this dress create the perfect combination of old-school elegance with new school fun! Add some glittery eyeshadow to bring out that youthful spirit!


One of the biggest Debs trend this year is off-the-shoulder dresses! We love Faviana Style 11059 gown that is not only perfect for Debs, but this timeless style can be worn again and again. With this gorgeous look, you’ll definitely stand out in that pre-Debs photoshoot with your friends!   

Complete the look:

Off-the-shoulder dresses give the body a beautiful symmetrical line, so why hide it? A braided up-do is the perfect addition to this delicate look. Add rose gold-inspired makeup to add that extra glow!

High Slits

The sky’s the limit with this Debs trend! A high slit can elongate your body and it’s great for a little breeze during Debs night! This Faviana Style 11029 gown is perfect for it’s high slit, and we absolutely love the added sparkle in the bodice.

Complete the look:

Straight slicked back hair is our go-to for this style. Keeping your hair long and straight gives this high slit dress the extra fierceness it needs! If you get hot during Debs, keeping it slick in a ponytail is the perfect fix! Top this look off with a bold lip for that wow effect. When your family comes to see you off in this style, they won’t believe how their little girl turned into a fierce young woman right before their eyes!  


Last but not least, mermaid style dresses are one of the top Deb trends! Faviana Style 11047 gives every girl that gorgeous hourglass shape and beautiful lace and bead detailing is absolutely amazing! The ruffled layers also add a dramatic element that will be sure to turn heads! Make sure to have extra room in that limo 

Complete the look:

A wavy side-swept hairstyle is perfect for a classic Hollywood glam look. Hair with a lot of volume is a great balance with the bottom of this gown! Complete this Debs look with a classic bronzed look and a powerful brow! 

So there you have it, Faviana’s Debs Ball Style Guide featuring our favorite trends and styles for this season. What do you think? Have any suggestions for the perfect Deb look? Let us know in the comments.



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