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3 Easy Festival Hairstyles to Try This Summer


It’s almost summer! And with summer comes festivals, and with festivals comes style and beauty inspiration to last you all year. As we watch our favorite celebs and social media influencers rocking the newest trends, we can’t help but get inspired to try a few. Fabulous hair is nothing short of a necessary accessory at festivals, and styles range from classic to wild- and we love it. Here are some hair trends we have been loving at festivals this spring, and some tips for how to achieve them for yourself. Here are Faviana’s top 3 easy to do festival hairstyles that you should try this summer!

Space Buns

This look is cute, easy to achieve, and low maintenance. Some of our favorite festivals girls rocked this style at Coachella, and there are many ways to make this look your own. If you want to use all of your hair for the buns, simply section your hair into a middle part, and continue your part down to your neck. If you want high buns, a quick trick for keeping your hair in place is to create two high ponytails, then braid each before wrapping them into buns. You could also do a half up half down style with two buns, or french braid the crown of your head back into two buns for a glam twist.

Glitter Hair

Glitter Hair

It’s official, glitter is now a hair accessory. You can rock a touch of glitter with any hairstyle you choose! Brush glitter along your part for a fun accent. Combine the glitter of your choice with a strong hair gel, nothing that causes build-up, and use a paint brush or your fingers to dab the color into your hair. Make sure to set with hairspray, or even look into a hairspray that has glitter in it! Pro Tip: After the fun is over, slather olive oil over the glittery sections of your hair, and let it sit for 10 minutes before washing. This is the easiest way to remove glitter!

Centerpart Braid

Centerpart Braid

This is a perfect style if you are planning to wear loose locks to your next festival. If you are looking for a small braid, pull a section from the middle of the back of your head, and braid it forward along your part. When you reach your forehead, split the braid into two sections and either tuck them into your hair, or pin them behind your ears. If you have shorter hair, try a french braid that starts at the front of your hair, and pull hair from about 1 inch from your part to create a braid to along your part.

The best part of music festivals is that you get to let loose, be entirely yourself, and listen to some awesome music! It is the perfect setting for trying a new look, especially hairstyle, and makes for the ideal backdrop for the perfect Instagram selfie.

Which festival look is your favorite? Do you have a party dress you’re planning to rock this summer? Let us know your ideas by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana & Twitter @FavianaNY!


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