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How To Know If Your Dress Is The One


Prom night is the second most significant event throughout your teenage years. Did you know that?! If you have ever watched movies involving going to a prom, you know how spectacular they are made out to be. Which they are! Prom is usually held at a beautiful venue, you have a cute date or a posse of your best friends, but most importantly, you look like a princess in your dress with your hair and makeup done. Before you can even get to prom, a lot of work goes into preparing for this big event. You will probably spend weeks, maybe even months of searching for that perfect dress. What color dress will you choose, do you want short vs. long, what material will be best for the weather or venue, would you choose sparkles, sequins, or tulle?! But most importantly how do you know when your dress is the one? Check out our tips on finding that perfect dress that screams YOU.

Your Dress Is The One If It Fits

First and for most, you need to find a dress that fits your body type. Take measurements before going dress shopping so you know exactly what size you are. Do some research beforehand and get inspiration on what types of styles would fit your body type best. For instance, you girls who are bustier on top, look for dresses that define your waist line and draw attention upward towards your face! Girls with an hour glass shape would look best in a mermaid prom dress as they offer both an open form fitting neckline as well as a form fitting waistline. Or, say you have a pear shaped body, you may want to check out dresses that are strapless with a full or a-line skirt to best flaunt your body. Knowing the style that will best fit your body will be extremely helpful when searching for the one and make it easier to rule out styles you know won’t make you feel anything less than beautiful!

Your Dress Is The One If It’s The Right Color

Now that you have figured out what style and size to search for, deciding the color of the dress is your next step in finding the one. There are three categories that your skin tone falls into: warm, cool, or neutral. A warm skin tone consists of a greenish/golden undertone with having either dark blonde or brown hair. Colors that would look best with your warmer skin tone are oranges, reds, olive, warm green and blues, or magenta. If you have a cooler skin tone, this means your skin has a blueish undertone and you are either very fair or very dark. Colors that would accentuate your skin tone best are royal blue, bright blue, lilac, deep lavender, emerald, ruby, gray, or navy. Lastly, a neutral skin tone is a skin tone in the middle of warm and cool. The best colors for you would be peach, dusty pink, placid blue, jade green, and taupe. Figure out where your skin tone falls on the spectrum of warm, cool, or neutral and try on colors that will best radiate your skin.

Source: Faviana Style S10026

Your Dress Is The One If It’s In Your Budget

Now that you know what size and style dress you are looking for as well as the best colors that will flatter you, you must know your budget before hand. No matter if your parents are paying for the dress or you, this is a must to know before walking into the store. This will make your shopping process easier and stress free so you don’t accidentally fall in love with a dress that’s way out of your budget.

The Ultimate Test That Your Dress Is The One!

You just shimmied your way into a dress, you step up onto the pedestal in front of the three way mirror, you look up and instantly smile! You turn around a few times, touch the material, do a few dance moves, but the whole time you are ecstatic. Comments are coming from your friends, family, employees, which are all great advice but that instant feeling you get after putting the dress on is when you know its the one. You have met all the criteria you gathered beforehand and the best criteria you can meet is your instant feeling of gratification and happiness. Now walk into that prom confident and ready to slay!

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