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How to Land a Summer Internship


As the school year comes to a close, many of you will be looking for a summer internship. Whether you are required to do an internship for school, or are simply looking for some real-life experience or to broaden your skill set, internships are a perfect way to learn something new. The key to landing an internship is having a great resume, but there are many other ways that you can leverage your connections and get the internship of your dreams. Here is Faviana’s tips for How to Land a Summer Internship! Self confidence is key.

Get An Interview Outfit

Now is the time to get an outfit that will become your interview go-to. Get a sharp blazer that fits well, and a pair of professional slacks or a pencil skirt. Keep this outfit clean and ironed and ready to go when you get that call or email for an interview. Don’t forget shoes! Look for shoes that are professional and comfortable, but still fashion forward.

Connect With Anyone And Everyone

In this day in age, connections are everything. Take advantage of everyone you have met or worked for and use them as a reccomendation! Start talking to people in your industry, and get your name out there. Use social media, like Instagram and LinkedIn to reach out and follow industry professionals and old employers.

Clean up Your Image


Your online image is so important in the modern world. Take a few minutes to ensure that your online presence is clean and professional. Remove any pictures or posts that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see, and start sharing relevant articles or business news to show your interest in current events. Make sure to get a professional headshot for LinkedIn!

Build Up Your Resume

Use your school resources, or advice from professionals to get a killer resume. Highlight your skills and experiences clearly and effectively, and make sure your resume is visually pleasing. A resume should be organized by most recent to least recent experiences or jobs, and make sure to included an computer skills you have. The key to a great resume is showing what makes you stand out! What makes you the perfect person for that job?

Nail The Interview


Interviews are such an important, and stressful, part of the internship process. Interviews can be stressful and nerve-wracking, but the key is to be prepared and professional. Make sure to dress the part, speak clearly and honestly, and always always be on time.

Send A Thank You Note

After your interview, always send a thank you note! Whether you send a hand written card or an email, make sure you let your interviewer know that you are grateful for their time. Always include another copy of your resume and any other information they asked for you to send along. If you receive a response, be sure to get back to them as soon as possible.

The key is always professionalism and persistance! You sometimes need to apply to 100 places before your land an interview, but don’t give up.

Do you have any tips for How to Land a Summer Internship? Let us know what you think and your ideas by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.



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