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Winter Makeup Looks To Try


We tend to have limitations on our clothing in the winter. Our daily outfits blend into a sea of sweaters and jeans. But when it comes to our makeup, we have the freedom to express ourselves and experiment all year long. We added some of our favorite winter makeup looks and trends for you to try out this season. From cool and crisp eyes to warm and bold lips, read on to find the perfect winter makeup look for you.

Winter Makeup Looks – Cool Glitter Eyes

Source: Beauty Book Love


When the first snow falls and snowflakes start landing on your eyelashes, you’ll want to recreate that whimsical moment again. To achieve delicate and shimmering winter makeup looks, pack on the glitter. Loose pigment glitter as well as shimmery eyeshadows are fun to play with. Metal tones will help you get your desired sparkling look and make your eyes the focal point. To start off, you can add a neutral eyeshadow base. Then you have free range! Pack the pigment on your eyelid, then add and blend darker shades on your crease for a smokey eye effect. Sweep on a layer of sparkles to finish off your eye makeup or dot some pigment on the inner corners of your eyes for a brightening effect. To complete your cool glitter eyes, think about completing them with a pair of fake eyelashes that will really make your eyes pop!

Smokey Burgundy Shadow

Source: Vogue Arabia


The smokey eye is a classic and quintessential eye look that has stood the test of time. Typically, a smokey eye color pallet consists of whites, grey, and blacks, or neutral browns. To spruce up your winter makeup looks this season, be bold and choose a burgundy color pallet instead. These warm tones will pop and stand apart from your usual smokey eye. Burgundy captures the warmth that we try to gain during the cold months through its cranberry shades and auburn tones. Using to a neutral color pallet with tans and browns can be helpful and you can then just add a dark burgundy on your eyelid or crease. If you’re really looking for something unique, find a burgundy liquid eyeliner for a fierce cat eye or pencil eyeliner to smudge into your waterline.

Winter in Paris

Source: Nathalie Paris


The French girl knows what she’s doing. She’s classic, flirty, and elegant all at once and her qualities transcend through her makeup. For a Parisian look, take inspiration from the beloved classics of winged eyeliner and a bold red lip. The French keep their makeup relatively simple but it still makes an impact. A black winged cat eye will lift and open up your eyes. A red lip can be glossy, creamy, or matte and offer a beautifully bold element to your winter makeup looks. If you choose to to adorn a winged eyeliner and red lip, keep the rest of your face simple. Stick to a B.B. cream for a light finish and keep to one neutral eyeshadow base for that effortless yet clean-cut look.

Glossy Lids & Lips

Source: Glossier & Fluff Magazine



We have been heavily impacted and persuaded by the Kardashians to wear matte foundation coverage and lipsticks. While we love a matte look, gloss can is so playful. Glossy and dewey makeup is typically saved for the spring and summer, but it just may be the winter makeup look for you to try. Transparent or holographic eye gloss is new and fresh. Glossier has made this trend explode, and we are so thankful for this brand! You can leave it on its own or layer it over a bright colored eyeshadow.  For your lips, the same applies. But keep in mind that if you go for a bold color on the lip, you might not want to go for such a loud statement on they eye for an everyday look.

Brushed & Bushy Brows

Source: Urban Outfitters

Standing apart from the twig thin brows of the late 90s and early 2000s, bushy brows are now in. And let’s be honest, we are not all blessed with thick brows so some of us will have to fake it. Fill in your eyebrows with your favorite eyebrow product. Do quick motions and strokes for a natural brow look. Then brush them up and out for a fuller effect. Add on a clear eyebrow gel to keep your strands in place throughout the long days. If you naturally have full and bushier eyebrows, you may just need the gel for some extra help. But regardless, be proud of your eyebrows and make them the star of the show in your winter makeup looks.

Hot Chocolate Stain

Source: L’Oreal Paris



Red lips. Check. Pink lips. Check. Nude lips. Check. Brown lips? Why not? Chocolate brown lips are such an intriguing, bold, and unexpected choice. While you’re drinking your hot cocoa to keep warm and the powder briefly stains your lips, take inspiration and go with it! Lip stains come in an array of formulas and last in pristine condition throughout the day. You can try matte or glossy. A chocolate brown glossy stain or overlay will give you the most magnificent melted wonderland look.

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