How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Prom

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You have finally found your perfect (Faviana) prom dress. After days of researching and trying on multiple styles of prom dresses, you ended your search with the most beautiful, jaw-dropping dress you have been dreaming of since middle school. Now all that is left is for you to show it off at pre-prom, right? Wrong! Now you must begin your search for the perfect prom shoes to pair with it. Before starting this search, make sure to snap a picture of your dress to bring shopping with you so you can refer back to details of the beading, color, or lace details so you can assure the perfect match.  Keep reading for tips to pick the perfect prom shoes.

Glam or Sophisticated?


Perfect Prom Shoe | Glam or Sophisticated | Faviana

Now you can start shopping! First, consider what your dress looks like. Is it super glitz and glam or simple yet elegant? That question is a huge factor when picking out your prom shoes. If you went for the glitz and glam type of dress with sparkles from your neck to your ankles, you may want to keep your shoes less elaborate to ensure you do not take away from the dress or even worse, clash with the dress. This shoe can have a single strap around your ankle and be just what your dress needs. If your dress is on the plainer side without too much sparkle, do not be afraid to choose a pair of shoes that will really pop and add some glamour. Remember, it is all about balance.  This shoe can be a fully dazzled pump, or maybe super strappy and shiny. You will still have that sophisticated, chic look you wanted but with just a dash of flash. If you feel your dress is right between glam and simple, then i would really reccommend that you pay particular attention to the color of your shoes as that can be a deal breaker if they don’t match the dress perfectly.

Choose Your Color Wisely!

Perfect Prom Shoe |Choose Your Color Wisely| Faviana

The second factor that will arise will be contemplating the color choice. Personally, I would always recommend a neutral color. This will allow your dress to blend with the shoe instead of being forced to go together. In addition, you can get a lot of re-wear out of these shoes because you will not have to worry if the color will match because neutral goes with everything. Neutral colors include (but are not limited to) silver, gold, black and nude. If you are set on matching the color to the dress exactly, be sure to bring a color swatch shopping with you. Even though the shade of blue on the shoes looks identical to your dress in the picture, it does not mean they will match up in person.  Also know that if you really want to match your shoes to your dress exactly, then you can always choose a shoe what is made out of fabric and have them dyed to match it.  Many bridal stores offer this service.

Height Matters!

Perfect Prom Shoe |Height Matters | Faviana

After finding a pair that meets all the above requirements, the last step is to make sure the size of the heel is good for you! Remember this is going to be a long day and let’s be real, your feet will probably hurt post-prom. Even if you are used to high, high heels, think about the length of time you will be on your feet. You also want to make sure you can walk and dance comfortably! Remember not to get discouraged while shopping. After you find your shoes, you are one step closer to prom night.  Next step, jewelry!

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Happy shopping & good luck!



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