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How to Pick the Perfect Prom Shoe


Now that you have that dreamy prom dress, it is time to focus on the details! How will you do your hair, your makeup and what jewelry will you add? Don’t forget the shoes! Your shoes are a great way to add individuality to your look, and also bring your look together. If you are worried about finding those perfect shoes, or are overwhelmed with all of the choices, we put together a few tips for how to find that Cinderella-esque fit and look.

Here to save your from prom anxiety, here are Faviana’s best tips for How to: Pick the Perfect Prom Shoe!

Subtle or Bold

The first question to ask yourself while shoe shopping is the kind of look you are going for. Are you looking for something that immediately catches your attention, or for something that blends into your look? If you are sticking with a chic and simple dress in a solid color, this may very well be a perfect opportunity to go full Carrie Bradshaw and buy those glamorous, sky-high, sparkly shoes. If your dress is a bit more bold, or has lots of embellishments and details, maybe go for something that does not overwhelm your look. The key to finding shoes is trying them on and getting a few for whether they will add or subtract from your complete look.

High or Low

While it may seem like the highest heels in the world is the most glam option, it may not be the most logical. Consider the height of your date and your friends, as heels can make a big difference in photos. Also consider if you are comfortable walking in very high thin heels, or if a platform is a better option to keep you stable. If you want more of a vintage look, maybe a kitten heel would work for your look! Or if you are channeling an edgy look, try a bold chunky heel to add a little drama. Pro tip: be sure you pick out your heels before getting alterations of your dress, and bring them to your appointment!

Bright or Neutral

While this is a very individual choice, it is very much based on the color of your dress, or your prom accent color. You can’t go wrong with a black or nude heel with almost any color, but if you want something a little bit more fun, be sure your color plays into your look and doesn’t make it too busy. If you are a pattern lover, go for a patterned shoe that only included one or two colors. Here is it also important to consider if you are looking for a strappy heel, or s classic pump.

Round Toe, Pointy Toe or Open Toe

Here is where you need to consider how heels fit your foot. For many, a pointy toe heel is uncomfortable, while others love the sophisticated look of a pointed toe shoe. As you try on your shoes, be sure to take a few laps around the shop to make sure the look is comfortable for you. A rounded toe look is the most classic look, but for a vintage look maybe a pointed toe is more you. An open toe heel is also an option, especially if you are attending prom in a warmer weathered area. Be sure to consider booking a pedicure if you go with an open toe pump!

Are you looking for a sophisticate, subtle shoe, or a bold and glam shoe? What are your dream prom shoes? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.



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